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Parental Control Cell Phone Parental ControlLitchfield Park, AZ, October 13, 2009 — Retina-X Studios, LLC, announced today the immediate availability of Mobile Nanny, the software that allows parents to monitor and restrict their child’s mobile phone. This software gives parents a safeguard against the overall challenges and dangers of a child having their own cell phone, including sexting.

With sexting on the rise, many parents need to know what their child is doing on their cell phone. But simply knowing what they’re doing isn’t enough. Certain activities may need to be blocked. Mobile Nanny allows parents to see everything their child does and block any disallowed activities. Complete text messages, call histories and GPS logs are viewable to parents online or inside an interface on the device itself.

The software allows parents to filter out activities they don’t want to happen. The parent can block their child from communicating with specific phone numbers. Any phone number can be blocked from SMS and call communication. Specific websites and applications on the phone can also be blocked. The child can additionally be restricted from using the phone at certain hours the parent specifies, such as during school hours.

The software silently runs in the background after every start of the phone. To access the interface, the parent clicks an icon and enters their password. The program can also be fully hidden if the parent requires covert monitoring. As activities happen, the program silently uploads logs to the parent’s private account, which they check online without needing access to the phone.

“For many parents, giving their child a cell phone becomes a dilemma due to the abuse of the privilege. Mobile Nanny gives the edge back to parents so they can make sure their kids are staying on the right track,” states James Johns, CEO of Retina-X Studios.

This hybrid software and service are now available for phones running the Windows Mobile 6.x Standard or Professional operating system. The product can be found in the Official Windows Mobile Catalog and at the website

Retina-X Studios products have been mentioned by CNN, CBS News, BBC, Reader’s Digest, Computer Shopper, PC World and other media outlets.

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